Bossier Federal Benefits Plus FAQ's

What makes this account different? With our checking account offerings you are now eligible for special benefits and offerings powered by BaZing. Through our partnership with BaZing we have structured checking accounts that can do more for you than your average checking account. Our members now have access to money saving benefits which are all outlined in the guide below.

I received a letter about my account changing. What does it mean? We have updated our checking account offerings, and all previously established accounts will be converting to our new account structure. This is great news because you are now eligible for the exceptional benefits offered through BaZing!

Will my account number, direct deposit, or automatic payments change? No. Your existing account number will remain the same, so all direct deposits and automatic payments to and from your account will continue.

Will I have to change my ATM or debit cards? What about my online banking and online bill pay information? No. Your ATM and debit card numbers will remain the same for your account, as will your online banking and online bill pay information. You can continue to bank with us online at

Do I have to order new checks? No. Since your account number will not change, your existing checks will still be valid.

How does the fee for my account get assessed? Every month the fee for your checking account will be automatically removed directly from your Bossier Federal account. You will not need to take any extra steps to approve this action.

How do I activate my account? If you received a letter or an activation email from us, it contains a BaZing activation code. Keep that handy. Next, visit and click Get Started. Enter your email address and access code, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the activation process. After your account is activated download the “Bossier Federal Benefits Plus” app on your mobile device, login with the credentials you just created, and begin using your benefits!

Who do I contact if I have a problem using the BaZing app or accessing my benefits?  For questions or problems with using your BaZing benefits or the Bossier Federal Benefits Plus app you can contact BaZing Customer Service through email at or by calling them at 855-UBAZING (855.822-9464). BaZing Customer Service is available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m.  – 5 p.m. CT.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the use of my Bossier Federal checking account, my online and mobile banking, or my debit or credit cards? When there are issues with or questions about the use of your checking account you will continue to contact Bossier Federal by calling 318-742-4090, or by visiting one of our convenient locations during regular business hours.

1 Subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the Guide to Benefits. 2 Insurance products are: NOT A DEPOSIT. NOT FEDERALLY INSURED. NOT AN OBLIGATION OR GUARANTEED BY THE
CREDIT UNION, ITS AFFILIATES, OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. 3 Billshark, identity monitoring, and credit monitoring each require additional activation to begin.
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